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Students » School-Wide Rules

School-Wide Rules

Roche Avenue School Rules

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

Be respectful

Stay in your assigned area

Follow directions

Rough games or unsafe games will not be allowed.


Students are to leave the building in a polite manner; walking, talking quietly, and holding on to equipment until they reach the playground area.


Students arriving at school before 7:45a.m. must wait at the school’s front.  There is no supervision before 7:45 a.m.


Students will not be allowed to come back into the building for playground equipment.  All equipment taken out needs to be brought back after recess.


Behaviors that are never allowed include abusive or obscene language, fighting, spitting, kicking, and tripping.


All games are open to classmates; no one is to be excluded from playing.  All students are to play in a cooperative manner.


Students are to play in designated areas.  These areas will be defined to all students at the beginning of each school year. 


Students are not allowed to play in the bathrooms.


Throwing rocks, sticks, and the like is forbidden.


Students are to show courtesy to supervising personnel.

Stay on the playground.  If a ball goes into the parking lot or over a fence students notify the staff on duty and they will return it to the playground.


No student is to have soda, gum, or hard candy on the playground.


Tackling, wrestling, fighting using aggressive actions, or “pretend fighting” will not be tolerated.


Students will assume responsibility for other students’ safety and will report any hazardous materials or conditions found in the school area.


Students must line up quickly, quietly and orderly when the bell rings.

Students are to line up in their designated area until their teacher comes to take them to their classroom.  Students are to re-enter the school building quietly and orderly.


Students are not permitted to climb trees or hang from limbs, or to pull, sit or climb fences, the baseball backstop, basketball and tetherball poles or soccer goal posts.



Cooperate, share and take turns.



Students are highly discouraged from bringing their own equipment to school.  We are not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items that are brought to school.



Do what the yard supervisors ask you to do the first time.



Cell phones are permitted on campus but must remain off and out of sight during instructional hours. (8:15-3:00)