California Healthy Kids Survey Questions for Fifth-Grade Students

Dear Parent or Guardian of 5th-grade students:

Your child is being asked to be a part of our school’s California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS), sponsored by the California Department of Education. This is a very important survey that will help promote better health and well-being among our youth, improve the school learning environment, and combat problems such as drug abuse and violence. Your child does not have to take the survey. Participation is voluntary and requires your permission.

Here are examples of the questions that will be asked:

Are you happy to be at this school?

Do you keep doing your classwork even when it’s really hard for you?

At school, do teachers and other grown-ups want you to do your best?

Are students treated fairly when they break school rules?

Do your teachers ask you what you want to learn about?

Do you feel safe at school?

Saw another kid with a gun or knife at school?

Does a parent of some other grown-up at home check your homework?

Ever smoked a cigarette or e-cigarette?

Have you been harassed on school property?


If you wish to see the full survey, you may visit your student’s site and request to view the survey.